Part II: Struggling with the shea butter’s natural smell? Not Anymore!

Posted on January 16, 2014 by Mike Shin

I would like to share a new way to embody and adjust to the natural scent of raw Shea butter without whipping it.

1. I put a few drops of Lemon essential oils into a clean and dry glass storage container and sealed it with a lid for 24hrs. After 24hrs, the smell of essential oil seems well spread. 

2. This is my 1 lb raw Shea butter pack.

3. I used my fingers to squeeze my raw Shea butter well in order to ensure the butter form turns into a soft creamy texture.

Thank you to one of our long standing customers that shared this with us.

4. My 1 lb raw Shea butter is well squeeze.


5. I simply cut small corner of my bag of raw shea butter and I slowly squeeze the portion of the soft creamy raw shea butter into my glass storage container and ensure the rest of raw shea butter well pack in sealable zipper bag to ensure fresh quality.


6. I seal my glass storage container with the lid for few hours before to serve because the scent of Lemon oil has slowly immersed itself into the raw shea butter.


7. Voilà, this is close shot photo of the raw Shea butter. Their textures look soft and creamy!



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