Our Story

Karitex simply organic shea butterKaritex is a young canadian company specialized in the distribution of natural raw Shea butter. Our Shea butter is intended for cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food industries and individual consumers.

Our objective is to provide Shea butter at competitive prices. We harvest premium quality Shea nuts from Burkina Faso that are transformed on-site into Shea butter that is ethically produced. We make sure that all our Shea butter is free from pesticides and chemical fertilizers. 

In our effort to provide high quality Shea butter, we are dedicated in adopting the best extraction methods available on the market. By being compliant with technical and commercial requirements of the industry, we supply our clients with superior quality Shea butter. 

Our group of village ladies work hard to make Shea butter for us. They are our partners but foremost our family, without these ladies we could not enjoy this outstanding Shea butterWe love our Shea butter, we know that Shea butter goes beyond being a good moisturizer or a simple ingredient. Shea butter has tremendous untapped possibilities and we are committed in forging new opportunities with this product. Let us show you its value.

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