How Shea Butter can be a good moisturizer for my skin crack on my finger

Posted on November 19, 2013 by Mike Shin

Are you still struggling with cracked skin on your fingers? Not Anymore!

Winter’s around the corner, which means the return of cold weather and dry skin. As with many people, come winter, the skin on my hands crack and doing laundry or washing dishes only aggravates the problem. So, for those of you with dry skin like myself, here are my tips for your winter dry skin woes:

•     Soak your hands in a warm water to soften the skin and to open pores.
•     Remove any dead skin around the affected area.
•     Place a dollop of shea butter directly onto the dry area and massage until it is well absorbed into the skin.

See for yourselves the difference in my skin texture after applying raw Shea Butter on my hands for two days. Results will vary from person to person but in one day, I realized Shea Butter can be a good moisturizer for my dry skin crack on my finger. 

I think my solution is successful and I am so ready for this rough winter


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