How to use Shea Butter?

Posted on September 28, 2012 by Mike Shin

This is Esther here, thank you for taking the time to read my Shea story. Today I will share my personal tips on how to use Shea soaps and Shea butter.

Throughout the spring, fall and winter I start my days by washing my face with Pure Shea Soap or Honey Shea soap. I ensure my face is well cleansed to remove invisible dirt and dryness. I like to use Pure Shea Soap in the morning because this soap provides a deep clean without washing-out healthy oils. After washing, I dry-out my face with a soft cotton towel as to not leave water residue. I follow by moisturizing with a small scoop of Shea butter on my hand that I melt into an oil form to easily apply on my face and neck.

At night I use the Green Clay Shea soap when I shower for both my face and hair. After drying with a cotton towel I follow the same steps as in the morning but I apply my Shea butter on my face, neck, body and feet and then it's out to sleep!

In the summer, I use Green Clay Shea soap only because of the heat and sweat. I like to use this Green Clay Shea soap to get a deeper cleanse for my skin, face, and hair in the morning and evening. I continue to apply Shea butter as in other seasons but I use less. I grab a cotton facial tissue after I apply my Shea butter to remove any excess Shea oil on my face, neck or body.

My Shea soaps have become my cleansers for everything and my Shea butter can serves as face cream, hair gel, hand cream, foot cream and my body cream.

In other words, using natural raw Shea butter has become a large part of my daily routine and it has greatly impacted my life.

I use this Shea butter everyday because I notice the positive impact it has on my skin. I hope you too can discover the benefits of using Shea butter.

À bientôt!

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